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Dell9 started this conversation
Single mom of three. Feeling the finacial pains like everyone else. I work nd its still not enough. Im just lookn for some help to get my head atleast out of the water. I have never in my life had this problem. Until now. This is really effecting me as wll as my children. I dnt even have money for school supplies. I tell u this that its taken a erious toll on me. I starting to get depressed were im crying every day. All I ask is for alittle help.
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Alot of parents are unable to purchase school supplies this year. The schools are hit hard as well but if there are schools with a high percentage of free/reduced lunches, those schools are usually given free backpacks with school supplies. Check to see if your school had any donations. Some people will donate any extra supplies to the school for classrooms that need it. Check with your school district for any organizations that donate to your kids school. Its a hard economy for many, first come first served in lots of organizations since many cities are your best, its all you can do for you and your kids, if you let yourself succumb to depression it's that much harder to live your life. Try food pantries, churces or any organization near you to get help in any area you can. Many churches offer free counseling services as well as a team envirornment to help you in other area's..surround yourself with people that care and can help you get through this tough time. Positive people can also be a great impact on your kids...they are watching to see how we handle the hard times in life..I hope knowing your not alone and others are going through tough times too gives you the hope to hold on..keep fighting your kids are depending on you :)
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